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Mike Young, Managing Director


When I was a young cameraman I always wanted to have a car mount and there were a number of different varieties available that were fairly easy to use. I worked for an educational film unit within a university and every year I would try to get some of my annual budget allocation put aside for this type of equipment.

The management felt a car mount was an unnecessary luxury for our purposes and knocked back my request over three successive years. I really felt an effective and inexpensive car mount was a necessity and that was my initial reason for designing the Cinesaddle..





As it turned out, the Cinesaddle was so effective as a general purpose mount, it has become the most prized possession of the thousands of cinematographers and videographers who use it.

To meet the needs of camera operators who are moving to DV size cameras, Cinekinetic now produces a “variety” of Cinesaddles.



The Minisaddle and Babysaddle have the same features and accessories standard to the Cinesaddle while the Tinysaddle and Microsaddle are budget models for those operators who only require a basic mount.

When the competition is doing things with their cameras that you are not able to do, the Cinesaddle will enable you to compete without laying out huge sums of money.



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