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Ben Tessler

Freelance Cameraman, London, England


I don't go anywhere without it now; without the Cinesaddle I'd be lost. It is an essential part of my kit and it sits side by side with my tripod. I use it all the time and I even use it between shoots. If there's nowhere to sit down I'll sit on it.


I love it's use on front of cars, on vehicles. for travelling especially at high speed - I feel it's very secure; I feel very safe having a £50,000 Betacam strapped to my car on the Cinesaddle.



Not only do I use it for a car mount but I also use it for shooting, for example on a beach or where there are rocks, where it's hard to get a tripod in a space, where there's no flat surface, where a spreader won't sit straight so it doubles up. The Cinesaddle, my second tripod. - saves a lot of hassle saves a lot of time and gives you a brilliant result. I've done some great stuff at airports with aeroplanes.


It's light - it's durable - it's flexible; it doubles up as something to sit on, something to shoot from, something to carry equipment on and fits in the back of a car so easily it just takes up very little space.


I think it's just got so many different possibilities it should be an essential part of every cameraman's kit.



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