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Denis Forkin

Director of Photography, Broadcast Video Productions, Perth, Australia

It’s got a million uses. You might never even think about using something but suddenly the director says "quick, what about sticking the camera on the car and let's get going."

Whether you use it as a seat or as a car mount or on top of a ladder, you get a stable shot. It’s a great tool for just putting a monitor on so its tilted up for the director. It’s on a stable base. It doesn't slide around.


I've used the Cinesaddle on boats, helicopters, planes, trains and automobiles. The weight of it doesn't weigh a thing. It’s almost like fresh air.



Excess luggage is not a problem, I just strap it to a piece of luggage and it travels with me free.

They're probably one of the most cost effective, production adding tools that you'll ever get. It gets a lot of usage, mostly I just have it with me.



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