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Rochelle Olson

Director of Photography, Lockheed Martin, U.S.A.

The Cinesaddle is an amazing tool. It allows you to make any shot more interesting. I've used it on everything from basic building shots to footage taken from the front of a boat. The Cinesaddle really makes the difference.

We had to get a shot of someone driving a vehicle and talking to the passenger. The Saddlecam was what we used to make this shot a reality...and it took only minutes to set up. If only the talent could do their job so quickly.



The most interesting place I've used the Cinesaddle was from the bow of a boat. We wanted a beauty shot of the river while the boat was really moving fast. Obviously a tripod was not the answer. Using the Cinesaddle the shot turned out even better than we imagined.

The Cinesaddle always allows us to get the creative shots we need.



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