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Rick Young

Producer, Director, Digital Productions, Europe


I did a documentary in the Himalaya mountains of Nepal and there were two pieces of equipment I carried all the way up the mountains, right up to Everest Base Camp: I carried the camera over one shoulder and the Cinesaddle over the other. It was the most useful thing I could've taken.


I hired a porter in Katmandu to carry all my other equipment. He had the tripod on his back, he had all my batteries, he had every conceivable accessory which I could've bought with me. But I carried the Cinesaddle and the camera the whole way and most of what I filmed was off the Cinesaddle. I found the Cinesaddle light, easy to carry, incredibly useful and a wonderful pillow to go to sleep with at night.




I've had this brown bag strapped to boats, hanging out of helicopters, off the back of trucks, cars, rickshaws in Kathmandu - all sorts of ridiculously inconceivable locations. Even off the back of elephants.


I did a shot on the back of a ferry and there was so much vibration coming from the motor I was convinced the shot was going to be very shaky but it wasn't. Because of the construction of the Cinesaddle, it absorbs vibration. It's quite remarkable how steady the footage is that you get.

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