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Pocket Dolly

The Pocket Dolly is essential when you want to take a full size dolly aboard a light aircraft or helicopter. The Pocket Dolly is a full size dolly in kit form. It fits inside a lunch box and contains all the components you need to assemble your dolly on location.

The tracks are PVC pipe. The handle, a broom stick, the base a plywood board. Purchase these items on location. When your shoot is completed these items may be discarded. Repack the kit in its case for next time.

The Pocket Dolly runs on PVC pipe and by using Track Connectors (available from Cinekinetic), the track is infinitely extendible. Some of our customers have used this set-up for tracking moves that run longer than a city block.

When greater strength is required, wooden logs or steel pipe may be used as track. You can even use tracks of different diameters at the same time.

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