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The Cinesaddle is an amazing tool. It allows you to make any shot more interesting. I've used it on everything from basic building shots to footage taken from the front of a boat. The Cinesaddle really makes the difference.

We had to get a shot of someone driving a vehicle and talking to the passenger. The Saddlecam was what we used to make this shot a reality...and it took only minutes to set up. If only the talent could do their job so quickly.


The most interesting place I've used the Cinesaddle was from the bow of a boat. We wanted a beauty shot of the river while the boat was really moving fast. Obviously a tripod was not the answer. Using the Cinesaddle the shot turned out even better than we imagined.

The Cinesaddle always allows us to get the creative shots we need.

Rochelle Olson

Director of Photography, Lockheed Martin, U.S.A.

It’s got a million uses. You might never even think about using something but suddenly the director says "quick, what about sticking the camera on the car and let's get going."

Whether you use it as a seat or as a car mount or on top of a ladder, you get a stable shot. It’s a great tool for just putting a monitor on so its tilted up for the director. It’s on a stable base. It doesn't slide around.


I've used the Cinesaddle on boats, helicopters, planes, trains and automobiles. The weight of it doesn't weigh a thing. It’s almost like fresh air. 


Excess luggage is not a problem, I just strap it to a piece of luggage and it travels with me free.

They're probably one of the most cost effective, production adding tools that you'll ever get. It gets a lot of usage, mostly I just have it with me.

Denis Forkin

Director of Photography, Broadcast Video Productions, Perth, Australia

The Cinekinetic Cinesaddle is the most ingenious, cost effective, remarkable piece of equipment that it is possible to own in our business; it's only limitation is in your own imagination.

It allows you to shoot fast - it allows you to shoot ingeniously, it allows you to generate those dynamic images that make the difference between what you shoot and what another cameraman will shoot in a very very competitive business.


 I never leave home without it on any shoot that I do and you shouldn't either. So simple - so brilliant.

Laurie Gilbert

Director of Photography, L'Image Cinematography, Singapore

I've been a cameraman for some 10 years now and I've found the Cinesaddle to be an invaluable part of my equipment. Whether you're on location, shooting low to the ground, on uneven surfaces or even close to the shore; or sometimes in the studio when there's nothing better to do and you have to wait between takes - sitting on it is most comfortable.


For lightweight design, durability and most important, protection for the camera - I find the Cinesaddle just can't be beat.

Marc Potter

Production Cameraman, STW Channel 9, Perth, Australia

I don't go anywhere without it now; without the Cinesaddle I'd be lost. It is an essential part of my kit and it sits side by side with my tripod. I use it all the time and I even use it between shoots. If there's nowhere to sit down I'll sit on it.


I love it's use on front of cars, on vehicles. for travelling especially at high speed - I feel it's very secure; I feel very safe having a £50,000 Betacam strapped to my car on the Cinesaddle.


Not only do I use it for a car mount but I also use it for shooting, for example on a beach or where there are rocks, where it's hard to get a tripod in a space, where there's no flat surface, where a spreader won't sit straight so it doubles up. The Cinesaddle, my second tripod. - saves a lot of hassle saves a lot of time and gives you a brilliant result. I've done some great stuff at airports with aeroplanes.


It's light - it's durable - it's flexible; it doubles up as something to sit on, something to shoot from, something to carry equipment on and fits in the back of a car so easily it just takes up very little space.


I think it's just got so many different possibilities it should be an essential part of every cameraman's kit.

Ben Tessler

Freelance Cameraman, London, England

At our station we commenced using these Cinekinetic bags several years ago. We started with one bag as a trial and then moved onto 12 as we found that they were essential for the crew and they have become an integral part of our operation.


I can thoroughly recommend them and I know when you buy one you're going to end up with a lot more than you thought

Ric Nicholas

Station Manager, STW Channel 9, Perth, Australia

I did a documentary in the Himalaya mountains of Nepal and there were two pieces of equipment I carried all the way up the mountains, right up to Everest Base Camp: I carried the camera over one shoulder and the Cinesaddle over the other. It was the most useful thing I could've taken.


I hired a porter in Katmandu to carry all my other equipment. He had the tripod on his back, he had all my batteries, he had every conceivable accessory which I could've bought with me. But I carried the Cinesaddle and the camera the whole way and most of what I filmed was off the Cinesaddle. I found the Cinesaddle light, easy to carry, incredibly useful and a wonderful pillow to go to sleep with at night.


I've had this brown bag strapped to boats, hanging out of helicopters, off the back of trucks, cars, rickshaws in Kathmandu - all sorts of ridiculously inconceivable locations. Even off the back of elephants.


I did a shot on the back of a ferry and there was so much vibration coming from the motor I was convinced the shot was going to be very shaky but it wasn't. Because of the construction of the Cinesaddle, it absorbs vibration. It's quite remarkable how steady the footage is that you get.

Rick Young

Producer, Director, Digital Productions, Europe

I've been using the Cinesaddle now for nearly ten years. We have two of them in our grips truck and they're always pulled out when you're really pushed for time. The Cinesaddle is a great little piece of gear to sling your camera in; it fits all the cameras we've got like a glove and it's built beautifully. It's such a simple bit of gear and it works so well.

Roger McAlpine

Senior Cameraman, ABC Television, Melbourne, Australia

It’s my favourite product, it's simple, it's inexpensive, it always works it never breaks. You can use it as a seat, you can use it as a pillow, you can use it to store your food, you can tie it to your car as a car mount.


It's most important use as far as I am concerned is as a camera support and it's second major function is as a car mount. It's uses are just phenomenal - it's a wonderful, wonderful product.

Mike Young

Managing Director, Cinekinetic

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