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TRAKA is the world's smallest full size dolly. Shipping in its "Small Dolly" configuration TRAKA comes complete in its own case including a Tiny Saddle and accessories that enable it to be expanded into a full size dolly.

In its small configuration, TRAKA is intended to be used with cameras MiniDV size or smaller.

For maximum portability, the track can be purchased from any local hardware store and may be tubing, angle iron or aluminium, dowelling or rodding. Any size track from 3/4" to 2" diameter may be used. When you are finished with your shoot, simply discard the track.

The camera is mounted on top of a Tiny Saddle (included) which is positioned on the dolly.

TRAKA is only 11"x7"x4" and weighs 6 pounds. TRAKA’s small size lets your camera go into places impossible to reach in any other way. The track can be positioned on the floor, acrosss a table, between two chairs, balanced by an assistant at one end and any static surface on the other; held by two people, each balancing one end of the two tracks.

TRAKA goes anywhere. Through a car window, under a chair, down a flight of stairs or up a wall. If you want your camera parallel to the ground while dollying down a stairway, adjust the hinged platform. When the hinges are locked at right angles TRAKA simulates a crane. Gaffer tape the track vertically to the wall and the camera operator lifts ot lowers TRAKA to the required height at the preferred speed.


Turning TRAKA into a full-size dolly is simple. Buy a 3/4 inch plywood board, a broom handle and a PVC pipe from a local hardware store. Inside TRAKA’s case you’ll find full instructions and all the necessary hardware necessary to assemble your dolly. Once assemble as a full size dolly, TRAKA should be able to support you, your tripod, BetaCam or film camera, jibarm, teleprompter, porta-pak and most of the other accessories you’ll want at a hands reach. TRAKA as a full size dolly has a suggested capacity weight of 300lbs.

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