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Using the Cinesaddle

If you want to maximize the setups you can fit into a tight schedule, get Cinekinetic's most popular product, the Cinesaddle. Many cinematographers use the Cinesaddle primarily as a replacement for their tripod but it may also be used to attach your camera to any static or moving object.


The Cinesaddle is measured in ounces but it will support all professional Betacam video cameras as well as 35mm & 16mm cine cameras. 

The way the Cinesaddle works is basic. Hi tech foam balls push the sides of the bag tight up against the camera, holding it rock steady.


In similar fashion, the bottom of the Cinesaddle molds itself to the shape of the object it is positioned upon, preventing it from slipping

High tech beans inside the Cinesaddle absorb vibration, providing a very stable surface for the camera.

Static Uses

As a basic camera mount the Cinesaddle is far more versatile than the tripod. It is lighter, smaller, offers greater stability and it will never pinch your fingers.


No fluid head is needed; the Cinesaddle grips the camera tightly, keeping it rock steady while you make any shot. Panning and tilting is as easy as with a fluid head, only the technique is different.

The Cinesaddle's small size lets you mount your camera in the most confined space. Only one cubic foot in size, the Cinesaddle's total weight is one and a half pounds.


That's less than half the weight of a standard zoom lens!

For an eye level shot, mount your camera onto any stable object such as a piece of furniture, a prop or your camera case.

This wondrous product encourages each individual camera operator to use their creative abilities to the utmost and get more exciting footage than was previously possible.

The Cinesaddle is more versatile than the tripod, though it is suggested that when you want an eye level shot you use a saddle as a replacement for a fluid head atop any tripod.

Dynamic Uses

The most exciting possibilities occur when the Cinesaddle is used as a dynamic mount. The word "dynamic" signifies shots where the camera moves.

Using the supplied car mounting kit, the Cinesaddle can be attached to any moving vehicle or to a moving object.

Using a baby carriage or a wheel chair as a dolly, your perspective will alter by pointing the Cinesaddle mounted camera either forward or sideways.

When the surface the Cinesaddle is mounted upon is smooth, the Cinesaddle may be pulled or pushed across that surface without the need for an external dolly.

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